EIT Health Smart-Up Lab 2020

Autumn edition

Brief description - Q&A

The Smart-Up Lab 2020 is the 4th edition of an international Entrepreneurship Lab programme organised parallelly in Łódź (Poland), Naples (Italy) and Tartu (Estonia). It is organised in 2 editions: Spring (March-June) and Autumn (September-December) – each of them lasts about 3 months.

Most of the workshops are organised Thursdays and Fridays from 17:00 to 20:00, in order to comply with, as far as possible, with your other duties and plans.

The whole programme theoretical value is about 1500 EUR. 

However, due to the EIT Health grant, the participation fee in 2020 is 100 PLN. Mainly for participation in the costs of integration meetings, events etc.

The course programme has been divided into 3 stages:
1. Introduction to entrepreneurship and team building: How to become an entrepreneur?; Integration meeting; FabLab Escape Game;Team building; Speed dating; Analysis of Client Needs, Market Analysis, Best tools and solutions for start-ups (e.g. Canva, Google Trends); Personal branding- online and offline;

2. Idea development: Design Thinking, Sources of funding for innovations and start-ups, Customer model canvas, value preposition, Law for start-ups. How to create your own company; Public appearances – how to pitch?; Promotion for startups; IP Protection/Patents

3. Product maturation: Project management; Introduction to prototyping; Risk analysis; Negotiations in business – how to talk with investors?; Pitching training, Rapid prototyping; Mentoring; Pitching in front of the investors

Each workshop will be followed by individual certificate for the participant. .

The programme is dedicated to:

Students, PhD candidates, researchers, entrepreneurs from various disciplines: medicine, life sciences, economy, IT, technical disciplines or similar.

It doesn’t matter if you already have your idea for innovation or not.


The agenda draft can be find on the bottom on our registration page: http://medihub.zone/sul2020 as a PDF to download.

You can also look at movies made during previous Smart-Up Lab editions:

Ready for the adventure?